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FJV Foundation is a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization.  Our community outreach programs, youth initiatives and assistance for individuals disabled and seniors 60 years and older are designed to help those in need.

Program Overview:

Meal Assistance, providing meal assistance to senior citizens, children and families. Proudly serving "OUR" community.  The outreach programs central focus is providing healthy and nutritional meals to senior citizens who are homebound and to children currently enrolled in the Public Schools Free or Reduced-Lunch Programs.

In Texas today, we have an estimated 270,000 seniors who are food insecure, many of whom are homebound. FJV Foundation is committed to doing our part to help provide nutritious meals on a daily basis to elderly citizens and disabled residents who are confined to their homes.

Youth Outreach program, designed to reach at-risk children and teens through leadership training.  Children in the underprivileged neighborhoods of our city do not always see a future bright with options. Their scope can be limited to what they see immediately around them. Such as poverty, unemployment, drugs and alcohol. FJV Foundation seeks to widen those horizons through a variety of hands-on relationship-building methods.

We are dedicated to building year-round partnerships with organizations within our community to promote self-esteem, build resistance to peer pressure and develop skills needed for success in school and life.

Office / Commercial Prep Kitchen / Warehouse-Distribution Center

Phone:  (972) 786-3475


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